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Main Street

Group Holdings

Tax and Accounting

From your personal to corporate tax and accounting needs, expect Main Street Group Holdings to be at your service. We specialize in:

Personal Tax Preparation

To get your taxes done, enlist the help of skilled and knowledgeable tax professionals. We go above and beyond to guarantee you get the assistance you need and the customer experience you deserve. We engage with every customer and go through each line item on their tax forms because we believe everyone should understand what is going on in their tax return.

Schedule C and Schedule E

Whether you need to file Schedule C or Schedule E form, Main Street Group Holdings is the company you need. Take advantage of a professional team, cutting-edge tax software, and the lowest prices.

Audit Protection​

Are you anxious about an audit from IRS? Relax! Main Street Group Holdings will handle everything without additional costs for you. We work with Protection Plus to make sure you have access to qualified specialists in the event of an audit or inquiry letter.

Estate/Trust Tax Preparation

From basic to complicated estate/trusts, we are here to help you every step of the way. We know which forms to use and how to file them. So, for your peace of mind, contact Main Street Group Holdings. You'll get the service you deserve while spending less.

Partnership Tax Preparation

Count on our team of experienced tax professionals to get your taxes done correctly and keep your business on track. Get your taxes done by a tax professional in person, through video, or over the phone. Allow us to do the job! You concentrate on other critical business responsibilities.

Corporate Income Tax Preparation

Get limitless help for a low fixed fee - never pay by the hour. Discover what tax credits you may be eligible for, as well as additional ways to save money on your taxes. Main Street Group Holdings makes tax preparation simple and affordable. Maximize your deductions and save time with imports and reports by contacting us.

Certified I-TIN Acceptance Agent Service

Our knowledgeable team simplifies the ITIN application procedure by assisting you in applying for an ITIN or renewing your tax ID number. And you don't have to pay an additional fee as long as you file taxes with us.

Kindly contact us for an in-office appointment. We also offer mobile services in different areas in the United States. We look forward to working with you!

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