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Main Street

Group Holdings

Main Street Group Holdings is committed to bridging the gap between businesses and their stakeholders. To help companies in the United States achieve smoother internal and external financial transactions, our team strives to provide them with the following services:

Small Business Capital Funding

Small business loans can help your company expand by putting your ideas into action and accomplishing your objectives. Small business loans can also make a huge difference in your company's ability to survive — and perhaps thrive — during a slow season.

You can apply online or contact us by phone. Make your decision and get funding faster than ever for your business needs. We are determined to get the lowest interest rate for you. We work with you to gradually minimize your financing expenses.

Merchant Services

Main Street Group Holdings provides merchant services payment systems for all businesses. Get a credit card processing system that is tailored to your needs, such as mobile payments, point of sale, e-commerce credit card processing, EMV terminals, and more. 

We will significantly cut your merchant services rates while substantially enhancing your customer service.

Payroll Services

Allow our world-class compliance experts to keep you compliant, identify the best choices for your company, and ensure that your employees are paid on time. You'll have the option of working with a professional payroll consultant, as well as receiving 24/7 assistance from highly qualified, US-based specialists. We make it easy for you to hand off payroll procedures, so you can focus on what you like.

Whether you are self-employed or have employees, we got you covered.

Financial Statements

We provide accurate and fast financial statement preparation services, including cash flow statements, balance sheets, and profit and loss statements. 

With seven years of expertise in finance and accounting, we can meet a wide range of financial statement preparation needs.

Bookkeeping Services

It takes a lot of effort to run a business. And bookkeeping shouldn't be part of that effort. Allow our skilled bookkeepers to handle it for you. Our team of specialists will do your books and provide you with regular financial statements. 

With Main Street Group Holdings by your side, you can keep an eye on the newest market trends and build your business.